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About Us

Freight solutions for your business.

⦁ DWalk Logistics started with a chance meeting between individuals from different worlds. This one-time encounter turned into a relationship that would last a lifetime. Everyone brought different talent(s) to the group, which lead us to where we are now. With our different experiences and skill sets, a reliable, well-adjusted group of professionals formed a cutting-edge transportation brokerage with great customer support, reliability and on-time deliveries at the fore-front.

Mission Statement:

With over 70 + years’ experience in the business, logistics, warehousing, and technologies industries, we have learned that there is nothing more important than building long-lasting, reciprocal relationships. These types of relationships are recession proof and will allow growth even in the toughest times. Our goal is to partner with companies and handle their transportation needs allowing them to do what is important, run their business.